How to Lose weight fast

What are The Side effects of Extra body weight
Obesity is very Big Matter for every one . Wants to discus some ways That How to Lose weight fast some people spend lot of money for this also Take some medicine.There are so Many ways to lose your exta body fat and weight faster.However most of them will make hungry and unsatisfied.for this You should have iron willpower then hunger will cause you to give up on these plans Fast.One thing I let you know .You can lose 80 % weight with Dieting.but you lose only 20% weight with Exercise.
What Is Obesity (Extra body weight)
Obesity is a chronic disease that can have a negative effect on heart,brain,kidney,pancreas systems in our body. People with overweight or obese have a much huge risk of developing serious conditions including.
*Type 2 Diabetes (blood sugar)
*High Blood Pressure (hypertension)
*Heart Disease
*Sleep Apnea (lake of sleep)
*Osteoarthritis or pain in bones and joints
*Fatty Liver problems
*Kidney Disease
​*Pregnancy mattersHow to Lose weight fast
Obesity in the PakistanHow to Lose weight fast
Almost 35 % of female and 31 % of Male are considered seriously overweight in Pakistan
15% of children Under the ages of 6 and 19 are overweight.
Public health officials warn that the result of physical lethargy and poor diet are catching up to tobacco as a significant threat to health. We are devoted to helping you get healthy and stay that way.
What are Causes of Obesity?
1-Lifestyle Overeating in the consolidation with a inactive lifestyle contributes to obesity or over weight. Changing your behavior. If you eat a diet in which a high percentage of calories come from sugar,extra-oily diet,refined food, chances are you will gain weight.
2-Genetics Study tells us that you can inheritance a tendency toward obesity. Your chance of being overweight increases 25 percent if one or both of your parents is overweight. Heredity also strongly consequence where you carry weight the hips and around the middle.
3-Metabolic Energy changes from how someone else will. Metabolics and hormonal factors are not the similar for everyone but these factors play a appearance in determining weight gain. Modern study shows that level of ghrelin- a peptide hormones known to regulate appetite and other peptides , play a role in bring about hunger and giving you a feeling of fullness after eating.
How to Lose weight fast
*Eat a high-protein breakfast
*Avoid drinks with extra Sugar and fruit juice.
*Drink water a half hour before meals and 1 hour after meal.
*Choose weight loss-friendly foods like oil free or low oil.
*Eat soluble fibers.
*Drink coffee or tea with low amount milk .
*Eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods.
*Eat your foods slowly.
*Walk more than 20 minutes daily.
*Walk almost 10 minutes after meal

How to Lose weight fast

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How to Lose weight fast??? send me details

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How to Lose weight fast?????


How to Lose weight fast??


How to Lose weight fast???

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